Just about every second time I shut down FC 2 it hangs , can anybody tell my
why the system hangs when it either hangs on one of these shutdown messages

1) Sending all processes the TERM signal.
2) Saving mixer settings.
3) Syncing hardware clock to system time.

So far , after all the problems I have had with FC 2 , I have finally got
the system working good except for the hanging on shutdown , if I can get
rid of this hanging , then FC 2 will be working really good.

Has anybody got any ideas why the system keeps hanging on shutdown ?


System specs :
P3 866 Mhz Cpu
Asus CUSL2 motherboard
512 Mb of Ram
64 Mb Gf 4 440 MX video card
40 Gb Seagate HDD

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