I have never used gThumb before (now)

I am trying to get thumbnails of the images from an Olympus mju400
connected to the PC via USB cable. The camera is detected as a "USB
Mass Reader" (or something similar).

Now, if I "download" the images from the Olympus Camera , using
the proprietory software, Camedia under Windows XP - and the same
hardware, all the image thumbnails appear in Camedia in (under ten)

When I use gThumb to load the thumbail images using the same
hardware (camera, PC, cable etc.) the image thumbs still have not
loaded into gThumb 5 minutes later.

Is there an explanation and fix for this "several orders of
magnitude" difference in performance? I would like to use GIMP to
manipulate the images, but this download "speed" is making this

Kernel 2.6.5


Clive, UK