I'm running Redhat 9.0 on x86. Today I tried to install some new ram; the
ram was bad and caused the system to crash several times. I've removed the
bad ram, an now the boot process hangs indefinitely at the step "freeing
xxx unused kernel memory".

My first though was that the filesystem had become corrupt due to all the
crashes, but i've fsck'd them (using a shell from a repair disk), and the
problem persists.

I only installed 9.0 last week, and have not had time to play with the
system much, so the kernel and bootloader (grub) have not been altered from
their installation defaults.

Googling the problem brought up three possibilities: pass the vsdo=0 or
apm=off options when booting, or the kernel has been configured for a
higher process than was actually present. I've tried the first two, with no
lucky; and the last seems unlikely: this is the stock kernel, and has been
booting fine for the last week.

Any thoughts please?