Hi all,

I've got a Geode box which originally had a stock RedHat 9 (686) install
on it. The kernel has since been re-compiled for 586 and replaced on the

As far as I can tell, when RedHat was installed, the i386 glibc RPM was
installed. It only has a single libpthread library and no 'i686' or
'tls' subdirectories of '/lib'.

However, 'getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION' returns 'NPTL 0.29'!

How is this so? Where is this decided/set/configured?

We're running the Sun JRE and having (infrequent) system hang problems.
I can't see *how* NPTL (which AFAIK is 686 only) can be running on this
system, so LD_ASSUME_KERNEL fixes shouldn't be appropriate here?!?

So what do I believe?