I've been using gftp for some time on Red Hat and Fedora, but after
the update to gftp-2.0.17-0.FC1.i386.rpm it developed some some
strange issues: For instance, the local directory to which I have
been downloading appears empty in gftp even when ls shows that it is
not; attempting to combine the initial selection of server and
directory by typing both into the appropriate fields now results in a
"Chdir: Not connected to a remote site" message (technically true, but
gftp used to connect and then chdir instead of balking at the
combination), attempts to connect to a server like
download.fedora.redhat.com result in prompts for user name and
password where they did not appear before, even though the server
allows anonymous logins, and what appear to be normal server responses
now result in error messages suggesting misinterpretation, e.g.

226 Directory send OK.
Cannot find an IP address in PASV response '226 Directory send OK.'

I thought this might be a trojan or a worm something, but, FWIW, the
old Fedora gftp package works, and the latest gftp from gftp.org does

Is anybody familiar with the cause of this problem, a reason why it is
something other than a problem, and/or a fix for it?