Can anyone help me with a problem I seem to be having with GRUB. I
recently installed the FEDORA PROJECT .The system this is on has windows
98 and linux. It boots fine off a floppy and this is were I'm sending
this from. I get an error code 22 no such partion. I've run grub-install
with the same results. It work fine before this upgrade. On other
systems I have put this on run flawlessly. I'm confused here if it is
FERDORA problem or mine. This system is a P-III intel motherboard 512
ram 40 gig WG hard drive ATI video card. Very standard stuff.Any help
would be appreciated.

As a second Question? update agent now shows I need 165 updates. I can
never even download what these are? This question maybe more appropriate
to FEDORA, I don't know.

Jesse Benton