I have a problem with my modem and it is driving me nuts.
The problem is that I am getting static noise comming from the modem after
the handshake protocol has finished.

The connection is fine and I can web browse and do email/news OK , but in
short , I consistently have static ( white ) noise comming from my modem
all the time when I am connected.
When I first installed the modem everything was fine up until last week when
when I started to add a few IP addresses to setup a LAN with my other
computer running RH 9 ( build 2.4.20-30.9 )

I did have this problem once before , but somehow I ended up getting rid of
it , but I can't remember how I did it.

I have deleted the modem acounts , rebooted with the modem switched off to
uninstall the modem and then rebooted again to get the system to detect the
modem again.
I have just about done everythng I can think of to get rid of this static
noise , played around with the modem volume levels ..... etc but stuffed
if I can get rid of it.

System : RH 9 build 2.4.20-30.9

Has anybody got any suggestions on how to fix the problem ?


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