Print Server is Fedora Core 6 with Samba 3.0.23c-2.

The print server dual boots as W2K and everything works ok on "the dark

Shares are set up and the Win98 client can see Linux disk and the
printer share.

Win98 client can successfully print a "test page" using the printer on
the FC6 machine but will not print anything else!

Windows sends as "EMF" and the shared printer is set to "raw".

I cannot find any errors reported in log files. It's as if my print
jobs disappear into thin air (apart from the test page).

A file called "050 PCL5e" appears on the root of the client c drive each
time I tried to print autoexec.bat. It then just sits there...

On the FC6 machine, one actual printer is attached on pport.
Two "printers" are in the list:
1) Samsung : This has a foomatic driver and works OK
Successfully Prints a CUPS test page and any other documents from FC6.
2) SamsungX : This is set up as "raw" for the purpose of the samba setup.
Successfully prints a Windows 98 test sheet from Win98 client and
nothing else. So far as I know, the client should do all the formatting
and the print server should just print the raw file it gets...

workgroup = myhouse
server string = Main-PCX: Samba Server %v
encrypt passwords = yes
wins support = yes
local master = no
read only = no

security = user
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
hosts allow = 192.168.1. 127.

log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
log level = 3
max log size = 32

# Set load printers = yes to enable [printers] section!
load printers = no
printing = cups
printcap name = cups
cups options = raw

#============================ Share Definitions
comment = HDA8_Home (EXT3)
path = /home/Ian
writeable = yes
valid users = Ian root
force user = Ian
force group = Ian
admin users = root

[Other Disk Shares]
etc etc etc

printable = yes
comment = Samsung QL/ML-6050 on Main-PC running Linux

# print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P%p -r %s ///// I assume I do
///// not need this as the "test page" manages to print???

path = /tmp //// drwxrwxrwxt

public = yes
///// Does public mean that ANYONE AT ALL can print? Both FC6 and Samba
have 2 users "root" and "Ian", there is, so far as I know, no "guest"
account on either. Would it be easier to state "valid users = Ian,
root"? EDIT: I just tried this and it didn't make any difference.

guest ok = yes
//// Kind of see above, but I assume that I would need some kind of
guest account?

writeable = no
use client driver = yes
printer admin = Ian, root

{smbclient -> print the share info}
Sharename Type Comment
--------- ---- -------
home Disk HDA8_Home (EXT3)
backup Disk HDC2_Backup (FAT32)
hda7spare Disk HDA7_Spare (FAT32)
hdc6spare Disk HDC6_Spare (EXT3)
cdrom Disk Optical Drive
floppy Disk Floppy Disk Drive
sd Disk Secure Digital Card
SamsungX Printer Samsung QL/ML-6050 on Main-PC running Linux
IPC$ IPC IPC Service (Main-PCX: Samba Server

Server Comment
--------- -------
LOUNGE-PC Pentium III 500 in Lounge
MAIN-PCX Main-PCX: Samba Server 3.0.23c-2

Workgroup Master
--------- -------
{/smbclient -> print the share info}

Where do I start?