I'm trying to add a user to an existing LAN and I'm having fits with
the permissions.

The LAN is composed of five Fedora Core 5 systems, with login
credentials coming from /etc rather than NIS. I built the systems, but
an IT person stepped in to "help" with the final configuration. He left
me with one user account properly configured and now I have to add
additional users.

At this point, if I set the new user's directory permissions to
"drwx--S---" (on the remote NFS system) to match the existing working
user's directory, I can't successfully login. I get a warning popup
about permissions, then it kicks me back out, at which point I get the
notice about the session lasting only 10 seconds.

However, if I open up the new user's directory permissions by setting
them to "drwx--Srwx", I can login successfully but I still get an error
concerning permissions. Even though I can log in, it doesn't seem to be
reading the config files because I get the standard desktop background
and not the one I specified previously.

I'm really grasping at straws here. I haven't worked with Linux for
years, so I suspect I'm missing something obvious.

Please advise.

Greg G.