I am new to rpm and creating spec files. I am having difficulty with
the %prep section and the %setup macro for starters.
My rpm consists of a number of files, not all of which are archives.
No matter what I do, the script being generated keeps trying to untar
all the files, and it fails when it detects a non-archive.

I have several sources:
Source0: XXX.tar.gz
Source1: build.sh
Source2: config.h

my %prep section is just like follows:
%setup -c -q
%setup -D -T -a 1
%setup -D -T -a 2

Once build.sh is detected as a non-archive, rpmbuild fails. I have used
rpmbuild -bb and -ba, trying to build the binary rpm as root.

Also, I have had a real problem finding proper documentation on spec
file DEVELOPMENT. There is tons of redundant information on using and
installing rpms, but little on actual development. That which I have
found is cursory at best. The %setup macro in particular is one of
those "do-all" kind of macros. How come there isn't ample documentation
and detail on this?
>From this short experience using rpm, I am very surprised this has

persisted in any way as a standard for installation and package
Well, if anyone can help. I would appreciate it.
- Keith