I'm trying to upgrade FC5 to FC6 on an Intel DG965WH mobo with SATA
disk. I make it all the way through the installation dialogs and it
installs all of disk 1. When it asks for disk 2 and I insert the
disk it rejects it with a dialog saying

That's not the correct Fedora Core CDROM

If I click OK it ejects the disk and asks for disk 2 again. I cannot
get past this point in the installation.

Intel DG965WH Motherboard
BIOS version 1577 (latest)
SATA set to AHCI mode (per Intel tech support)
Quick-Resume disabled in the BIOS
WD1600JS (160GB SATA)
2GB memory

Here's what I have tried so far:

* SHA1SUM for all disks matches the published checksums

* The installer's media verify function runs clean on all
five CDs

* On the off chance that the request for "Disk 2" was a
typo and it really wanted a different disk I tried
all five disks, and it rejected all five the same way.

* The .discinfo file on the disk looks correct and
identifies the disk as disk 2.

After 5 hours of messing with this I gave up on the upgrade. I
backed up all my data and did a clean (reformat) install, based on
the recommendations in the release notes. This failed in exactly
the same way at disk 2.

At one point I also tried loading the CD .iso files into a
subdirectory of the / filesystem and doing a hard-disk install.
This makes it about 4/5ths of the way through and then hangs hard
(Ctrl-Alt-Delete does not reboot, NMI is required).


1) This motherboard requires the all-generic-ide option on the
install boot command line (per Intel tech support) in order to
work at all.

Jim Garrison (jhg@acm.org)
PGP Keys at http://www.jhmg.net RSA 0x04B73B7F DH 0x70738D88