Just installed Core 6 in the second primary partion hda2 (sda2) on an
160GB WD SATA drive.

Installation worked ok, no probs. But having problems getting it to run.

Ex: /:clean
filesystem is clean
remounting root filesystem in read-write mode OK

mounting local filesystem FAILED

enabling local filesystem quotas OK
enabling /etc/fstab swaps OK
filesystem clean

Then it comes to a full STOP.

Why is it not mounting the local filesystem???

In rescue mode I can do a chroot /mnt/sysimage and run Midnight
Commander, read all system entries, edit,write and copy. Even can start
KDE, by startx, and do most things except delete or install programs.

Have been playing around, just for the fun of it , with Kubuntu,
Debian, SuSE 10.1, Mandriva 2007.0 and Slack 11.0, on the same machine
and partion without any trouble.

So, what gives with Fedora? Would like to get it to run.