Hi all

I am using kickstart to install a number of different servers with
RHEL4.3. The kickstart configuration file, ISOs, etc are all accessed
via NFS.

To start the process off, I boot the new machine from the RHEL4.3 boot
CD, and use a boot command similar to the following:

linux ks=nfs:
ksdevice=eth1 ip= netmask=

A lot of the machines I am installing have a different interface
devices (eg some will use eth0, some eth1, some will end up using both
etc etc) and will all require different hostnames & IP addresses.

Is there a way I can make the install prompt the user just for the
required network configuration, whilst leaving everything else
automated ?

I've tried several variations of the "network" entry in the kickstart
file - but seemingly I can only either fully specify all the network
details, or none at all (and it doesn't prompt).

Is there a way round this ?