I've just installed FC6 by way of trial and a change from the *BSD's I'm
used to. So maybe I'm just missing something horribly obvious, but I'm
having dreadful problems getting any sound out of the system.

Running audacity lets me record successfully (at least, using the
laptop's mic - I can see the recorded waveform), but any attempt to play
back (with audacity or otherwise) "goes through the motions" as if
playback is occurring - but no sound comes from the speakers. (XP is
also on this box - so I know the speakers do actually work!) amixer
shows a plausible set of input and output levels; alsamixer claims
levels are up full and the outputs all enabled. I'm at a loss for what
to check next.

Any ideas please?

This is on an acer 5601 laptop (82801 chipset iirc), and my long-term
intention is to use it for a simple portable sound system. To this end,
I'd intend eventually buying a usb audio interface - any recommendations
for something to handle stereo line or mic inputs and stereo output
(duplexed) and that will run [hassle-free!!] under linux would be
welcome. I'd guess I'm looking at hi-end domestic or low semi-pro
quality devices.

TIA for any pointers.

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