last week I upgraded my PC (2 Intel Pentium D processors)
from FC5 to FC6. The upgrade went very
fine, but when I tried to boot to my new system, it halted with
strange error messages (end_request, io-error),
which seemed to indicate errors in the hard disk.
One could boot the rescue disc and it recognized the new system
properly. One could also boot to runlevel 1, but higher runlevels
caused problems: Somewhere during the starting of services it hang
with these exceptions, the precise point changed from run to run.
After one and a half days of fighting I removed the irqbalance link
from the rc3.d directory and everything was fine.
The problems already occured with later kernels in FC5, so I couldn't
update the kernel in FC5, which was one reason for me to upgrade to
Maybe this message helps to resolve similar problems somewhere else.
Best regards

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