I'm in a position where I need to install an upgrade on a Fedora-based
distribution (ClarkConnect). Either they have made some changes in
initial hardware setup, a core module has changed since last bootup, or
my CD is not initializing correctly for some reason.

The CD mdsums correctly and I can access all the files on the disk when
mounted using the loop device, but for some odd reason it won't mount
when upgrading.

Anyway, I have plenty of time on my hands and no $$ to replace the
system, so I would like to know how I determine the order of
install/upgrade of the packages, which I am willing to do manually, one
package at a time if necesary.

I have looked at comps.xml on the disc and I figure this is the key
file, but after doing some searches on Google I am still unable to
determine the order of the package installs.

I know I could just suffer through it and just keep rpming -Uvh until
its done, but it sure would be nice to save a little time and do them in
the order that anaconda would do it.

Is anyone able to give me some hints regarding this?

Thank You.