I am trying to install Fedora core 4 and have the following problem:

- Fedora recognized the screen and the graphics card, but launches X11 with
a resolution not handled by my screen (Flat screen)
- I am used to using CTRL-ALT-F1 to get a console mode session (I'm used to
Mandrake), but I do not get any prompt
- I tried to get into interactive mode by pressing 'I' (upper-case i) but I
do not seem to succeed
- So I typed a in grub and booted in single user session mode

- I tried to call system-config-display without any parameter but it
launched xorg and I ended up with the same problem.

using system-config-display or by hand, I tried to change resolution in
xorg.conf but got nowhere.

Q) is there a tool that comes with fedora to handle such problem ?