Hi there,

I'm new to linux and redhat, and am watching this all from a microsoft
point of view.. I've been playing a lot with redhat the last 2 weeks,
and I love it!!

Finally a new challenge.. No more "next next next next" dull
installation procedures, but real troubleshooting, sometimes from the

Ok so now my problem: I've managed to get my linuxbox with rh9 to
authenticate against my w2k Domain controller, using Samba + krb5. So
now when I login to my system it verifies my password/username with the
domain controller. This works.

When I try to access a smb share on the domain controller again i have
to fill in the username and password manually, and after that i can
access. I want my linuxbox to use the credentials i provided when
logging in to my system. How can this be done?

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.