I have a Soyo Dragon Ultra Platinum Mobo and am attempting an install
of Fedora Core 3. My primary master IDE is a 160GB HD on which I want
to install everything. My secondary master IDE is my CDROM. I also am
activating the Raid with two 80GB WD hard drives in a Raid 0
configuration. However when I enable these two drive in a raid, I get a
Kernel Panic not syncing attempted to kill init and can go no further
with the install. When I disable these drives (Just unplug power) it
boots fine with no issues into the graphical install. The raid config
is a highpoint raid configuration on this motherboard. Is there
something I must do in order to get this to run? This is the first hw
raid I've attmpted and would REALLY like to get this running. Any help
would be much appreciated.