I was running at AS 3.0 Update 2 (2.4.21-9EL) and had my network
configured and working.

I upgraded to AS 3.0 Update 4 (2.4.21-27EL) and the network device is
no longer functioning. When I boot, I get the hardware configuration
wizard coming up and telling me that I do not have the device and
whether I should remove the config.

I have done that, restarted and was able to remote the network entry
from the network configuration (using the UI and yes, the entry was
removed from the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory) and then
reconfigure the device to no avail.

I do an modprobe r8169 and it succeeds and I see that there is an entry
when i do an lsmod (autoclean) with CRC32 being the only module using

There is no /dev/eth0 device.