Hi folks:

I'm looking to install a copy of Red Hat 8 on an empty secondary IDE
drive on a laptop. WinXP is on the primary IDE drive and I want to
keep the WinXP boot manager. I have done this procedure before where
I have installed RH8 on a seperate partition from WinXP, but in that
case both operating systems were on the same IDE drive.

This time around things are a bit more complicated. First, I want to
install this on a primary slave IDE drive (hdb I believe it's called
in Linux speak), and the other problem is that on this laptop having
the second drive installed precludes having the floppy drive installed
at the same time, so I'm going to have to use WinXP's dskprobe tool to
extract the LILO boot record from the second hard disk, as I can't
boot Red Hat from the recovery floppy and use the DD command to
extract the LILO boot record for use in WinXP's boot process as I did
in the single hard drive configuration (When installing RH I have to
tell LILO to put itself on the boot partition, not the MBR).

However, my real question concerns whether or not the boot record I
extract from Red Hat has an indication that it is on the secondary IDE
drive versus the primary, so that when the WinXP boot loader executes
the code it knows to go to the secondary IDE drive. I wasn't able to
tell for sure from looking a a boot record layout whether or not this
information was present. If it's not in the boot record itself, then
there will be no way for the WinXP boot loader to know that this boot
record came from the secondary drive, as the record itself must be
stored on the WinXP boot drive.

Any information or suggestions would be welcome.