From searching usenet and the web it appears lots of people have their
touchpads working as a default PS/2 mouse on various Pavilion
notebooks - at least using 32-bit linuxes, or 64 bit implementations
other than Fedora. So I figure it can't be that much different than
what I'm trying to do?

I have yet to make mine work with the 2.6.8-1.521 Fedora 2 Core
(x86_64). When I booted from the install CD (actually a slightly
earlier version of the kernel, have upgraded to that current version)
it didn't recognize the device as being there, I had to plug in a USB
mouse to complete the install. Now, whether the USB mouse is plugged
in or not, there's no activity from the touchpad, either in console
(init 3) mode or in X. When I have the USB mouse plugged in, I can
use a cursor in init 3 mode - this tells me that, if I expect the
touchpad to work in X that it should also work on the console.

I read that evdev is part of the Fedora 2 build. I've looked at my
/lib/modules/<>/build/.config file and verified that both
CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV=y and CONFIG_MOUSE_PS2=y. I did not build the
kernel from source; however, I did download the latest nvidia video
driver that requires installation into the kernel (you can tell I'm a
little shaky on the details of this part of the process - maybe that's
my problem?), so I'm assuming that it what's in .config is really in
the kernel?

I've downloaded and built the synaptics touchpad driver from

and configured my xorg conf file accordingly, but startx dies saying
there's no core pointer. I didn't install his alps.patch as I don't
know how to do that (patching FAQ somewhere?).

I've also modified the grub conf file(based on another usenet thread)
to include 'psmouse.proto=imps' in the kernel boot line - works the
same with and without that modification.

Right now I'd be happy just to have the touchpad working as a
two-button mouse, I can tinker with the touchpad finery later. Having
to drag around a USB mouse is not why I have a laptop!

Thanks for any advice

S. Austin