I have successfully installed Fedora Core 1 (upgraded from redhat9)
after that i installed BSD ona seperate parition on the same disk.
I then tried to enter the Fedora Core Installer for some reason.
I booted from my Fedora core 1 install CDs . Chose the Upgrade or
Install option. After saying no to the "skip media check" (i have
testesd media before). ...the following errors occurs after some time
__________________________________________________ ______________
Running Ananconda, Fedora Core Installer Please wait....

exec of Anaconda Failed:

permission deniedinstall exited abnormally.
Sending termination signals....done
sending kill signals...done
blah blah
u may reboot now.
__________________________________________________ ________________

Does this mean i cant reinstall or do a fresh install any more.
How do i erase the harddrive and start fresh again. This seems so odd
why wont linux let me do a fresh install.
btw fedora works fine. But im curious as to why i can't install again IF
is wished to do so.