yogesh wrote:
> i am getting the error when i run the terminal in redhat 9.0 .

> Application "gnome-terminal" (process 1694) has crashed
> due to a fatal error.
> (Aborted)

> can any one tell me whats the problem and how to clear this problem .

There are a host of possibilities none of which can be identified with only
that information. It can be as simple as the terminal program got corrupted and
needed a reinstall. So far as I have ever seen the process number has no meaning
and can be anything for any program. You may get the same one every time because
it is the next in the boot sequence. If at any time you tried to upgrade gnome
and only got part of it you might have an incompatibility. There are dozens of
other possibilities. If that is the only info you have then likely no one can
suggest a solution.

In such cases the first suggestion is to upgrade to the current Redhat which at
the moment is FC6. I found installing 9.0 such a nuisance that I never used it.
If you do that or even to FC4 you are likely to find people who can try to
duplicate your problem if you still have it.

When looking for help give the basic description of your computer which is the
tech stuff like processor type and RAM. And if you have anything out of the
ordinary mention that also. If you are talking about a laptop don't hold your
breath. They are all strange in their own way. You might do better looking for a
user group for that type of laptop.

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