Bit of a strange one.

This is with Redhat EL4 WS on an HP xw9400.

I plugged this box in our network and it worked fine on eth0 using
dhcp. I took the box to the client and plugged it in to their network
and eth0 fails on boot with .

"Bringing up interface eth0:" "Determining IP information for eth0...
failed; no link present. Check cable?"

Running dhclient on eth0 gives multiple DHCPDISCOVER messages and
fails to return any DHCPOFFERS.

I checked the gnome network tools and it said the interface was bound
to a mac address so I removed the binding and attempted to use
dhclient to assign an address again with exactly the same result as

However if I plug into the eth1 interface DHCP is fine. This indicates
to me (because both interfaces are identical) that this is a
configuration problem and something has locked out the interface.

I don't have access to the box at the moment, but I need to find out
why this is behaving in this manner.

Does anyone have any ideas that I can try next time I go on site?