I use Fedora Core 6, with no problems with automounting usb memory keys.
Up to yesterday....

I tried to insert in /etc/fstab a new line for a partition with
reiserfs. Indeed, I put first the word "auto" for that partition and it
was mounted perfectly.
Then I replaced "auto" with "reiserfs" and when I tried to mount that
partition, the system locked!

Rebooting manually (PC off!), the system refused to start, beacause
unable to mount local filesystem. Since I have other distros on this PC,
I booted another, mounted the Fedora partition and deleted the row about
the reiserfs from /etc/fstab.
But, before this, I did a stupid thing: I launched e2fsck on the fedora
partition, and the program said "the journal was restored" and that the
partition was clean. I use ext3 with fedora, in fact.

Now the boot is ok and apparently there is no loss of data, but when I
put a memory key in the usb socket, the system tries to mount it, but
fails saying "I cannot read /etc/fstab".
So what? The file is there and with the right permits.

Any help???