Co-worker says this to me right before my pager starts going crazy:
"Ummm, Bob, I may have done something wrong. I was trying to install
an RPM and it said I needed an extra 30MB on /, so I ran lvreduce on
the /home filesystem made it smaller by two extents, then added them
to / with lvextend. It said something about doing this on a mounted
filesystem could cause all kinds of problems, but I did it anyway."

Now I can't get /home to mount, / gives some errors, I usually can't
get e2fsck to run completely, and when it does, after finish it says
I've still got problems. I often get a note about a bad superblock,
but I've tried the suggested command, which is e2fsck -b 8192 /dev/
I assume this is to use the backup superblock which is supposed to be
stored in 8192, but it can't seem to find it there.

Basic question is, am I completely borked, should I call the backups
on-site and get ready for a fun time, or is there a chance, is there
something I can do?