I'm trying to put together a dual boot system using FC 4 64 bit with
Win XP on an AMD +3200 64bit CPU, 1.5GB RAM 2 x 200GB SATA drives and
2 x 80 GB IDE drives, plus the usual DVD RW.
The SATA drives contain the M$ XP system applications and data etc,
and the idea was to install FC 4 64bit onto the master IDE drive and
use the other IDE as an application / data drive.
The problem is that FC 4 GRUB does not seem to recognise the SATA
system drive and will not let me use them as the dual boot location.
This means that unless I delve into the CMOS at boot up and change the
boot device to IDE each time I want to change, it will not let me in
to Linux. I know I should ditch M$ but .. ( insert the usual excuses )

Am I missing something simple, or does FC have problems with SATA ??

Black Bart
Black Bart
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