I have been looking everywhere for information about getting connected to
the internet.
I have a BT Voyager 1010 USB Adapter which connects to my fathers router
wirelessly. I found information about the at76c503a drivers and
ndiswrapper, but I cant get it to work at all. I have also tried linuxant's
driverloader but that doesnt work.

I read somwhere about downloading the latest cvsroot tar file because Im
using kernel 2.6.11-1, but I cant compile it because it has ,v added to
every file and there is a lot of non C text with @ symbols everywhere.

If I do 'lsusb' I can see my USB Adapter and it says: ASKEY Computer Corp.
BT Voyager 1010 802.11b Adapter

If I do 'lsmod' I can see driverloader (not used by anything) and atmel (not
used by anything) in the list.

This is driving me insane. I have spent 5 days trying to get this working
and I know its possible because other people have managed to do it.
I even tried eciadsl, but I think thats for modems, not USB Wireless

Can anyone help me out? Im incredibly new to linux and Im having a hard
time with this.
Thank you for your time