Gentle People:

Some questions on RedHat Linux as
a desktop machine in place of Micro****e?

To date I have happily built and operate
several RedHat file servers.

So the next step is a RedHat Desk Top

1) What about the availability of Ad or
Spam blockers? I know Netscape includes
a spam blocker, but what about ad blockers?

2) Is there a better browser that Netscape?

3) What about Office? Is there a decent
Office clone for Linux??? OpenOffice?
How is OpenOffice perceived by the user

4) What about Frame maker or equivalent?
Is there a Frame like clone available?????
Acrobat or Acrobat Clone?

5) Anti virus isn't a problem because RHat
is properly designed from the start.

6) Firewall is not a problem because RHat
includes one.

7) Other desk top tool issues?

Thanks for the help.
Happy Holidays.
Thomas Dineen