The CommuniGate Pro mail server log file name is derived from today's
date. For example, today's log is named '2005-09-15.log'
For redhat-logviewer to show this log it is necessary to edit
redhat-logviewer.conf on a daily basis. It must be possible to automate
this change, but I'm stuck as to how to go about it.
I've written a shell script which converts today's date into the string
'/var/CommuniGate/SystemLogs/2005-09-15.log' and stores it in 'LogDate'.
The next line of the script 'echo $LogDate > MailTodayLog' creates a
file called MailTodayLog with the LogDate string, but if I just put the
location of this file into redhat-logviewer.conf the viewer displays the
contents of LogDate and not today's log. Nearly there, but not quite.
I also tried adding the script line 'export LogDate', but that only
seems to export to a child process and not back to a parent.
Is there a means of converting a local variable to a global, or is there
simply some better way of doing what I want?
I'm running Red Hat Linux 8 on an old P200. Any advice would be greatly
Thanks in advance.
Frank Turner-Smith - mine's a pint.