Hi. I have 2 problems that I need to deal with.

I have a machine with two network interfaces... one on the 207.x.x.x
network, and another on the 216.x.x.x network. I want to configure BIND on
the machine to respond to DNS queries from both network interfaces. There
are two problems that I am having, and I would appreciate it if anyone would
take the time to forward me a URL or explain how this setup is configured.

problem 1) by default, named only responds to one of the two network
interfaces. How do I configure it to respond via either of the two network

problem 2) I can only have one default gateway.
If computers from the 207.x.x.x network make DNS queries to the 216.x.x.x
network, is it possible to force the network traffic back out the 216.x.x.x
likewise, if computers from the 216.x.x.x network make DNS queries from the
207.x.x.x network, is it possible to force network traffic back out the
207.x.x.x interface?

My reason for doing this is that I'm trying to combine two DNS servers with
different IP's onto one machine without deactivating one of the two
networks. This machine is ONLY running named, so I don't foresee any
application incompatibilities...

Thanks in advance for any responses.

-- Jason