I have a batch process that uses ps2pdf to create a pdf file. The
process ran perfectly on RedHat version 9. We recently switched to
CentOS 4.1 (RHEL3 based) and the process now hangs/stalls after 3 runs.
It goes from being subsecond to over a minute to run the process after
3 threads are spawned. The batch process is called from Apache.
Usually each process will eventually finish but it will take minutes
where it use to take seconds. By then the web request has timed out.
The really strange part is the cpu is usually 100% idle when the
processes hangs.

We have upgraded everything. Installed the latest ghostscript. Even
tried compiling it from source to see if that would help.

Hardware does not appear to be the problem. If we reinstall RedHat v9
then everything works again.

Any ideas would be appreciated.