Dear All,

I have a two HDD in my PC. I have dual OSs; linux RH9 and WIn XP.
I have some files in a second HDD which was formatted in linux and
data are saved there. Now I want to mount that disk so that I can
retrieve the data. I have identified the location of the
HDD and it is hdb1. I have included this line in fstab

/dev/hdb1 /mnt/newdisk ext3 rw,noauto,user
0 0

Now I can see the files and everthing is intact there.
However, I cannot be able to write anything or
modify anything there.
It is showing the root permission for all the files.

How can I fix it such that any user can mount the disk and
read and write there as well.

Please let me know the solution.

Thanks in advance.