Hi All,

I have a couple of questions regarding upgrading a dell workstation that
is running RH9 and a dell inspiron notebook to FC4. The workstation has
RH9 on it. The laptop was upgraded to FC4 at the upgrade broke too many
things (ie printing). So I have a couple of questions ...

I have an NFS server (Solaris SPARC 9) where I can download the image for
FC4 to. I can't find my notes on how to tell grub to boot off this image.

Now for the questions ...

1) How do I create a bootable DVD from the FC4 image on my laptop running
FC4? I do have cdrecord.ProDVD installed, but can't get it to put the
boot image on a DVD. Possibly I'm telling it the wrong image???

2) How do I tell the installer to install from scratch, versus upgrade
which it defaulted to on my notebook???

3) I can backup my home directories from the workstation and laptop to the
solaris NFS server. Can I just restore these (including the . files) or
will that mess things up???

I see many articles on how to do an install on a virgin machine, but not
too many on upgrading or re-installing on a working machine.