Hi *,

I'm trying to use Evolution email client and leafnode newsserver on a
single PC.

I've used leafnode since RH 8.0 with other clients and it worked really
fine. On Fedora Core 4 the newsserver works with each client I tested
(knode, pan, mozilla mail and thunderbird) exept Evolution, which I'd
like to use both for mail and news even if it has not many advanced

Here what I did so far:

1) I've compiled leafnode 1.11.3 from sources (i've tried the rpm provided
by FC extras with no luck too

2) I've changed hosts.allow and hosts.deny acconding to the sources

In hosts.allow I added:

In hosts.deny:
leafnode: ALL

When I used the rpm version I commented the two lines above out and used
this script for xinetd:

service nntp
disable = no
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = no
user = news
server = /usr/sbin/leafnode
bind =

3) I can connect to my remote newsserver (with a password access) and
download newsgroup list and articles.

4) I can locally connect Evolution to leafnode server on and
download newsgroup list and articles.

5) I'm **really** not able to locally post a new article or reply to an
old one from Evolution. My messages simply disappear once sent!!!

I was used to find the outgoing messages into /var/spool/news/out.going
directory. With other clients my messages are there and they are remotely
posted when leafnode connects to the Internet. Instead with Evolution, I
don't know where they go.

This is what I read in my reply's headings (I read them in the message
copy I found in the "sent" folder of Evolution) to another usenet user's
message I can locally see.

X-Evolution-PostTo: nntp://
X-Evolution-Format: text/plain
X-Evolution-Account: 1125408653.17990.0@localhost.localdomain
X-Evolution-Transport: smtp:///;use_ssl=never
X-Evolution-Fcc: mbox:/home/gt/.evolution/mail/local#Sent

I posted this reply from Evolution to leafnode and
literally vanished.

It seems Evolution is trying to use smtp protocol to post to the local
newsserver and it's really strange, since I don't receive any error
message from Evolution client while the post should be rejected. In
addition, leafnode should reject it because of the
"@localhost.localdomain" part (this is another issue I'll try to solve
once I'll succeed in having at least an error message from Evolution...)

I've spent several hours googling with no success, so anybody has any
hints? Is Evolution usable as newsreader at all? (BTW, I've not discovered
how to post a new message to a newsgroup. Evolution opens the new mail
editor and still use the smtp protocol with my news account!

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best Regards,