I just installed FC4 on an HP Pavilion. I installed X-CD-Roast from
the distro cd's and ran the yum updates (livna added to source list).
I altered my system prefs so that cd's were not mounted automatically
so X-CD-Roast would have a chance to grab them. Everything seems to
work fine, except every data cd that I put in shows up as audio. If I
mount those same cd's they work fine - and don't contain any audio. If
I try to do the copy anyway - it fails when cdda2wav gets involved.

I know that I could use dd to pull an image to copy cd's, but it's
driving me nuts that X-CD-Roast is giving me this trouble. I have used
it on other machines and versions of Fedora/Redhat without problem.
But I've never had linux on this machine before (new machine) and this
is my first install of FC4. Any idea what could be going on here?