(originally posted over in demon.tech.pc, too)

Given the transfer speed and cost of SATA, I'm toying with the idea of
dropping a few SATA cards into my new server to run a mirror disk array.
Currently I do something similar with SCSI and IDE, but I keep the
mirrors on separate controllers for the IDE bus.

I've spotted some SATA controller cards:


Would I just whack these in and let the BIOS see two new disks coming
off the controllers, or will they require some software-based wizardry?
(I'm planning on using DeadRat FC4 for the OS.. my current server
running RH8 saw the SCSI card and ATA133 controller cards easily enough)

Also: when I mirror disks, I don't have them plugged into the same IDE
cable - ie: not PriMaster+PriSlave, but spread them between controllers
- PriMas + SecMas - not only for resilence, but due to the IDE problem
of only being able to write to one disk on the bus at a time. So...
would the SATA card see two disks as a "slave" and "master", meaning I
can only write to one at a time, or see them as two "master" disks
coming off one controller?

Ta for any help, O wise ones.
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