Ok, I am fairly new to the world of Linux. Toyed with it in Redhat 5.2.
Recently have started to play with it again. In about the last 3 months
I have totally rid myself of Microsoft products...

The issue I am having is the way file sharing works.

I have three servers running FC4 and samba. My Mac running OSX (Tiger)
can load videos,music and documents of all kinds from all three boxes
running directly from the servers. My PC running FC4 however will not
load any file from across the network. I have mounted the shares,
assuming first that was the cause, to no avail. I currently have to pull
the files down to the filesystem from the servers and then use them from
the local machine. I realize this is of course something I am doing wrong.

At first I thought this was an issue I was having with the servers, and
decided to install win98 on a machine and set a share from there. I was
still encountering the same error. I am out of ideas on the matter.

If someone could enlighten me to the fix I would appreciate it.