I am running CentOS 3.5 on a 64 bit system. The system is installed as
a 32/64 bit machine, so I have libs in /use/lib64, and all that other
nice hybrid system stuff. I'm running into a problem with httpd/php,
but I think it's related to 32/64 bit.

The problem is this: When I run 'ldd libphp4.so', one of the shared libs
is not found:
libnetsnmp.so.5 => not found

However, when I run a locate on that file, it is found:

Those files are actually links, and the files they link to are also on
the system.

So why can't ldd find the file? What must I do to make it find it?
I've installed net-snmpd from both source and rpms, and neither method
seemed to help.