Hi there. Im using the Cluster software on a RHE3 system. I have started
a NFS service for our /home directories that works just fine. I would
also want to NFS export a .iso file. Before we made the cluster this was
not a problem at all, we just mounted the .iso image under /mnt/blabla
with -o loop and then /mnt/blabla was exported. Now it's a bit more
complicated (Ithink, I may have missed something here so please help me
The NFS cluster service has its shared storage mounted under /mnt/nfs.
I have the .iso file under /mnt/nfs/distro, and I have made a directory
under /mnt/nfs that is to be the mountpoint for the iso. The NFS Cluster
service is mounting /mnt/nfs as its service directory. I dont want to
have .iso file mounted during boot-time, because I cant be sure which
node is starting the NFS cluster service. So I thought I would add a
device to the cluster service. There I enter .iso-file as the device and
I also enter -o loop in options and the mountpoint. But, Clumanager
doesnt think that the .iso file is a blockdevice (which is true, but...).
Is there a way to accomplish this ? Or do I have to having each node in
the cluster mounting the iso-file during boot even if all of them but
one will fail because only one of them will have started the cluster
service ? And, this is a bad idea because in case of cluster failover,
the "new" node starting the NFS service will Not have mounted the .iso
file...and the NFS cluster service doesn't have a startscript....

Any input appreciated. Thanx