I am trying to backup a few thousand files as a normal user:

cd /bigdirectory
tar -cv -L 123264 -M -f /dev/hdd -exclude=suspiciousdirectory .

(Note: /dev/hdd is a laser servo diskette drive)

This works fine for several volumes, but suddenly the backup ends with an

tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

I try the tar again to the null device, and get the same error.

I guess that this may be something to do with access permissions on one of the
files or subdirectories (/bigdirectory is network mapped and the backup machine
does not have root access).

How can I tell where tar is failing? The verbose output is telling me the
name of the last file successfully backed up, but I need to know the name of
the current file that is causing the error.

Please advise.


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