I have a Linux box with an Audigy sound card. Running RH9 and FC4, sound
worked fine. With FC5 it does not. Googling reveals that this is a common

I've found a variety of fixes on the web, many of which refer to the Gnome
alsamixer window, e.g. "Click on the "switches" tab and if you see a box
labelled "Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack" ...'. This seems to come
from here:
http://www.paw.za.org/projects/gnome-alsamixer/, but the source RPMs ftp
site seems permanently down.

There is a curses alsamixer binary included with FC5, but I can't find any
setting similar to Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack.

Can anyone help me get sound working, either by supplying the gnome
alsamixer, or suggesting another technique?

Jack Orenstein