Hello, All!

I have two motherboards WinFast NF4UK8AA with installed RedHat 8.0 (kernel
2.4.18) on. Both PCs are connected through integrated Ethernet NICs (up to
1Gb). Driver has taken from nvidia.com and installed properly (with default

Now I try to test the speed via 'ftp' downloading and get very low speed
(~4-5 Mbps), though driver reports the link is at 1Gb.

I also tried to force speed setup (force_speed_duplex=9 as driver's option),
but it gives error ("value 9 not supported"), though driver's documentation
says this option takes values 0-9.

What can be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

With best regards, Roman Mashak. E-mail: mrv@tusur.ru