Hi All,

Trying to get the cart BEFORE the horse this time!

I will be shopping for a smaller laptop for the wife to use - just e-mails
and general surfing (wireless) and would like to page those that know if
there's a particular brand or style to purchase that will run Linux the
best. (recognize the bells and whistles from the setup-to-go)

Probably a Pentium something - 540+ ram - 60+meg hard drive - cd/dvd read
and write drive - built-in wireless(most are coming that way, but am open
for suggestions)

hoping to get under $6-700us.... $900 tops please.

I am using Fedora4 on a box unit and liking it. Will be changing 80% to
Linux by year's end (5 boxes now)

I have a HP pavilion lap top that will NOT run Linux (or a version that I
know of--- again open for ideas)

Many thanks in advance

John b - new at the Linux thing and loving it so far!