Hi folks.

I got an Olympus voice recorder not long ago, that I've been mostly happy

I believe it just spits out a bunch of ADPCM-IMA .wav files.

What sorts of applications do folks out there find interesting for use
with such audio files, perhaps especially voice audio files?

So far, I've heard that there are applications that will:

1) Convert speech to text, but they seem pretty young yet. Sphinx seems
to be the most notable example in the FOSS world. Is there any other
software along these lines I should check out too though?

2) Remove the background noise from a recording. What are people's
favorite apps that do this? And how do they work? Do they just eliminate
some frequencies?

3) Can check a voice recording for "stress levels" in a speaker's voice,
which is supposed to be positively correlated with lying (not perfectly,
obviously!). What apps have people tried for this? How do these work too?

Also, I'm finding it beneficial to take such a voice recording from a
meeting or conference, burn it to CD-RW, and then listen to the CD-RW in
my car CD player during my commute. But is there a more convenient way
than sox+cdrecord?

Some of my voice recordings are proving too long to fit onto a single
80 minute CD-RW. What sorts of good software is there for breaking a
recording into parts, when there isn't necessarily an obvious "this is a
gap between parts of the content" in the data?

Also, is there a way of stretching the amount of voice you can get onto an
audio CD, short of buying a new CD player?