I want to share a printer queue to the network, receive a PCL job, and
save the job as a file. The file containing the job is then picked up by
a process that manipulates the PCL, modifying certain pieces. The “new”
print job saved as a file and is later sent to another queue for printing.
I can do this in Windows fairly easily using a few tools such as RedMon.
It seems that it would be even simpler to do this under Linux, but I am
very new to Linux and I don’t know how, nor where to look for
information as to how.
I can locate the jobs in the queue, so I could presumably write a script
to pick them out and do what I want to them. I am not sure if I can tell
the spooler the job is gone, or whether I need to. However, I know that
if I do it this way under Windows without telling the OS I have
cancelled the job it will eventually cause problems.

Summary of question:
How can I set up a print queue that will write the incoming job to a
disk file in a specific location, named in such a way that I can keep
the files in order.

Thanks for advice.