Hey everyone.

I had a quick newbie question. i'm running suse 9.3 and it has gtk2.0 but
doesn't have gtk 2.2 which i need for bittorrent. now, i'm new to linux,
but know enough to realize that sometimes installing new libraries may
cause problems. so what i wanted to do is install gtk 2.2 beside gtk 2.0
and link a folder called gtk to the gtk 2.2 directory to see if all will
run smoothly. How do i do this with rpm packages? is it even possible?

also, if i unistall an rpm package which originally updated an older
package, will the older package be restored? so if i simply update gtk 2.0
to gtk 2.2 and stuff starts working funny, when i unistall using the -e
command, will the old gtk 2.0 be restored?