Hi everyone..

apologies for the long post, but have some questions:

Need some help. I'm going to be redoing my machine and need some advice on
how to partition my 2 hard drives and have a few hardware questions

first the specs:
gateway 500mhz pIII 384megs ram

one hard drive 18gig (pm) pata/66
one hard drive 80gig (ps) pata/100

on first hard drive (pm) have:
windows 98
beos5 pro
redhat 6.0

on second hard drive (ps):
red hat 7.1, windows xp pro, and qnx

right now both hard drives are on internal pata/33 hard drive controller.
Thinking of putting a 120gig pata on primary master and putting both 120gig
and 80gig hard drives on a spare promise pata/66 controller that I have(does
this controller have a historical limit of 132gig hard drive size?). I'd
put the spare 18gig on one of the onboard hard drive controller slots for
data(read somewhere and not sure if I'm correct but operating systems can
only be installed on the first 2 hard drives) Not sure if this promise
controller has a bios limitation of installing os's beyond cylinder 1024.
Reason why took it out to begin with was because redhat 6.0 and qnx didn't
support it at the time, but now that got newer version of redhat and don't
use qnx that much I'm probably going to put controller back.

What I've gotten and would like to load (partition and install) on hard
drives are:

windows 95B
windows 98 FE
windows 98 SE
windows NT 4 sp6a
windows xp pro sp2
redhat 7.1 pro
BeOS 5 pro
(possibly windows server 2003, if I buy a copy)

as a bootloader I have an old copy of system commander deluxe. Considering
upgrading to latest version.
I have other operating systems which I am considering running under vmware
(need to get that as well). would like to put os/2 ver 3, qnx, redhat 6.0,
and possibly windows 95b(if not recommended to load) on the vmware solution.
Heard that vmware solution may run like a dog, so might put that on a future
laptop which I am considering purchasing in the near future.

My preference (for partitioning) for all the windows os's would be that they
are installed under their native filesystems (fat32 for 95 and 98, ntfs for
nt4 and xp pro. etc) and segregated under their own partitions. For redhat
7.1 pro I'd like to have it partititoned as a server administrator would do.
For BeOS, I'd like for it to be installed under it's own filesystem. Any

besides hard disk issues, I have a couple of other hardware questions.
Sometimes when I go into one os or the other the clock goes back one hour.
I've tried fixing this at the bios level, as well as through various os's
but it still reverts. Any thoughts? One that I had was that maybe battery
might be going...Only other issue I have is on the rare occasion my 80 gig
makes some clicking sounds. It could be due to humidity, since I've only
experienced this twice in the past 6 months, and I think it's also due to
the hard drives being in bays right next to each other. Haven't bought any
extra fans. Have cleaned out the dust inside fairly often, and have made a
backup of windows partitions on both hard drives. Any thoughts on this, or
do you think the hard drive is dying?

Any help would be much appreciated. My computer is 6 years old this month,
and would like to still keep it going (for various reasons)