Recently I tried to compile and install GLIBC 2.3.5 on my RedHat 7.2
system. It compiled, but the installation failed midway on some .po
files that msgfmt didn't like. This left me with new include files
that don't match the old libraries.

After much experimenting, I got the 2.3.5 libraries installed, but
they don't work and will probably need to be recompiled from scratch.
Rather than spend a few more hours on this with uncertain results,
I've redirected the slinks in /lib to the 2.2.4 versions, and
renamed the 2.3.5 libraries so ldconfig won't slink to them.
(The man page for ldconfig(1) says it slinks to the newest versions.
Newest modtime or newest version number?)

But I can't build anything that uses ctype.h, because somebody changed
the interface in 2.3.5 to use a function call. (Sounds inefficient!)
Can anybody suggest a simple way to restore the 2.2.4 include files?

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Col. G. L. Sicherman